Our back room is 1,000 square feet and seats approximately 80 people. We have an 8’x12′ stage and bathrooms with handicap access backstage. Our green room is 8’x12′ and can be used for changing, storage of gear and warming up. There is a back entrance on Attorney Street for greater ease in moving your gear in and out. Our backline gear is used by studio pros and is calibrated for our room which is a great listening room.

We do not welcome amp stacks as they are often too loud and we don’t do noise complaints or ear plugs.

All gear is stored behind the stage.

PA: Yamaha EMX860ST 8 channel with monitors in the ceiling. Plenty of SM58 mics with cables and stands. We also have two music stands.

DRUMS: Tama Rockstar 4 piece complete with all hardware except cymbals.

GUITAR AMPS: Fender Stereo Chorus 2-10″, Traynor 35 watt 1-12″ single channel combo amp, Fender Princeton Reverb silver face 1-12″, Laney 50 watt combo with 1-12″.

BASS & KEYBOARD AMPS: Hartke 120 watt head with 1-15″ Cerwin Vega cabinet, Roland KC500 130 watt 4 channel combo keyboard amp with 1-15″, Polytone 100 Custom 1-15″ 100 watt, Hartke 1450 Combo Amp 1-15″, 120 watt.

PIANO: Kimball upright with a very bright sound.

Still got questions? Call us at (212) 673-6270

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